Affordable Refurbishment Services

Refurbish your property and breath life into it

Lazur Design’s competent refurbishment service will bring your establishment to life, make all the necessary adjustments along the way. Our skilled workers and experts have a excellent eye for detail, creating fantastic and unique designs, transforming the look, and adding custom and innovative touches to your space. As with our construction services, we provide refurbishment services in the areas listed below.

Property Refurbishment London

Quality Painting and Decorating

We repaint, redecorate and remodel your property according to your current layout or with a whole new look. As a fully fledged interior design company we aim to give you the most optimum results in all areas of our work.

Tiling and Flooring Services

Our skilled workers will carefully remove old tiles and replace them with new and improved ones. We aim to provide a perfect finish, even if it may be a simple polish and restoration of old tiling and flooring.

Electrical Services

We do complete electrical refurbishment of homes or other commercial properties. This includes rewiring, complete resetting of lighting fixtures, new electrical outlets and equipment installation and repairing faults.

Commercial and Domestic Plumbing and Heating

Our skilled plumbers will fix all your plumbing and heating problems efficiently and promptly. We redo piping and plumbing, plumbing fixtures, drainage and also repair and replace central heating systems, radiators and boilers for both domestic homes and commercial property. Our specialty includes all kinds of property refurbishment services and our team of experts and skilled craftsmen will carefully monitor the entire refurbishment project that we agree to carry out for you. We also work with clients from overseas and supply and deliver to them all the materials they need for a good refurbishment job.

For any further enquiries about our services, or if you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us and one of our design consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

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