Superior Home Services

Providing interior design, maintenance, construction, refurbishment and consultancy services to our valued clients.

Our highly skilled and experienced teams of workers will guide the selection of all required materials and items, as well as the colours, sizes, proportions and cost. We will work within your time frame and budget and can source superior grade materials such as:

  • Decorations and paints in metal, silk, matt and satin varieties with both smooth and embossed textures
  • Paints and plasters that are hard-wearing, water resistant and safely breathable
  • Venetian plaster, aged plaster and antique plaster
  • Façade paints and plasters for interiors
  • Paints for materials like metal, concrete and wood
  • Veneziano stucco, effect travertine and Marmorini

We only use superior quality materials for our projects. The end product will be beautiful, modern, functional and cosy, regardless of what your requirement is. Contact us directly for an obligation free quote.

Interior Design

At Lazur Design, we handle interiors for commercial as well as residential properties. We understand that you as a client have certain ideas and expectations as to what the end result of the interior design job should look like. You have our word that we will strive to ensure that you get the right services that you need for your ideal interior.

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Property Maintenance

Once interior or exterior work is completed, it is very important to maintain it. This is where our property maintenance team comes in. Property maintenance involves maintaining a property in total working order. Our maintenance team consists of well qualified and extremely dependable individuals who will provide you with high quality property maintenance services.

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We provide excellent consultancy services for all of our clients. But you don’t necessarily have to be someone who uses our other services namely, Interior Design, Building and Construction, Refurbishment and Property Maintenance. You can use our consultancy services to get expert advice on how to go about all of the previously mentioned services by yourself or using any other resources at your disposal.

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Building and Construction

Building and construction creates the foundation for all the other works and aesthetics. If the initial construction job is not done well the whole structure and its many different elements can just collapse or the end product can be of poor quality and unsafe. At Lazur Design we take our building and construction services very seriously and strive to provide clients with high quality services that will impress. We have the expertise and finesse required and you will have a strong foundation for your building and property that will make you proud.

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Refurbishment services are an efficient and effective way to maintain your home, building or property. It is important to refurbish property after a reasonable length of time or else you will find your structure crumbling, fading and in some cases no longer in working condition. We provide great refurbishment services for private homes as well as in the commercial sector.

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